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About the photographer

Photography to me is a way to capture a moment in time and preserve it forever. In a way it is a form of art however I do not consider myself to be an artist. Modern digital photography in my opinion is a balance between art and computer science. The art comes into play by knowing what will look good and what won’t. What pose to use, how to pose my client to make them look as good as they can. Which colors will compliment their clothing and skin tones. Editing photographs to remove skin blemishes. Knowing and being able to implement these is truly an art.travisphoto-0085

Computer science, for lack of a better term, is the process that follows the photography session. Digital files have to be processed, colors enhanced or removed altogether, files backed up, hard drive space managed, photographs uploaded… well, you get the idea. A photographer has to know his way around a computer or hire someone that does.

I specialize in weddings and family portraits. I also photograph high school seniors, young adults, and children. I have even been known to photograph events.

If you need a photographer, please go to my contact page and send me a message.


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